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Greta – Maiden Voyage!

Took Greta to the grocery store today. It’s only 7 minutes from my house. Got there ok but the clutch slips pretty bad and the car gets a lot of fumes in the cabin. Definitely a lot of work to … Continue reading

1975 Gremlin -Greta-street

And Greta makes four…

I’ve been in the new house for six months now and am settling in and looking around for how to make use of all the space I have now (read, looking for more AMC’s to buy). One day it dawned … Continue reading

1975 Gremlin -Greta-street

FLAT ACRE EDITION! – American Iron Javelin update

Well, it’s been 5 long months since my last update. What the hell have I been up to? Here’s what happened. Shortly after getting the car back from Evil Genius I got an opportunity to buy my dream property. Jeff … Continue reading

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