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Race Report! – NASA AI Javelin @ Sonoma Oct. 24/25, 2015

I took Friday off and got the car all loaded up in the morning. Dan was already at the track and had saved me a spot. I parked next to his rig and got the car unloaded and the trailer … Continue reading

The “Ah Hah!” moment – NASA AI Javelin update!

The Trackmasters event was a mixed bag. I didn’t go any faster and I cut a tire which meant I didn’t get to run the last two session. The tire got cut because I didn’t run the ½” front wheel … Continue reading

Sway Bar Upgrade – NASA road race Javelin update

As the suspension overhaul continues I wanted to redo the swaybar setup. What’s been on the car was a parts bin find from Joe. Steel, splined, bar mounted using Control Freak solid bar frame mounts. The arms where steel as … Continue reading

GOING FOR low… NASA American Iron AMC Javelin update

So after 2 years the car was rebuilt, repainted, re-stickered and ready to go. Seems like the perfect time to tear it all apart again! Ever since I first built the car I’ve been unhappy with the ride height. The … Continue reading

American Iron Javelin – Getting ready for paint

After the test day in January (2014) it was time to get the car ready for paint. I was not looking forward to that bill so I wanted to do as much as I could on my own before bringing … Continue reading

444 days…. NASA AI Javelin update

After exactly 444 days Franken-Javelin returned to Sears Pt. for a shakedown run. Signed up for the afternoon test session 1pm – 4pm. Got to the track around 11am so I had plenty of time to register, get unloaded and … Continue reading

Back At Joes – NASA Road Race Javelin Update

Brought the Car to Joe’s and got a number of things done. First we set the ride height, adjusted the rear links so the rear-end is square to the chassis, set the toe to 1/8″ out and scaled the car. … Continue reading

Shop Rock!

That was brutal! But after 3 months of working 7 days a week I finally got my life back! Things started to ease up near the end of October. Time to get back in the shop. Now the first order … Continue reading

FRANKEN-JAV… NASA American Iron AMC Javelin update

It’s been a little over 2 months since I brought the Javelin to Evil Genius and now it’s back home. John took a total disaster and turned it into hope. I have a foundation again and can finish the job … Continue reading

the long road back… Nasa American Iron AMC Javelin update

So I had a destroyed race car and the back half of a rusty Javelin. But no idea what I was going to do with the whole mess. I talked to several body shops and emailed them pictures and got … Continue reading