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Project Greta – Sans Bumpers

One of the things on my list for Greta was ditching the HEAVY front and rear bumpers. Initially I was only going to get rid of the bumperettes but the more I thought about it the more I just wanted … Continue reading

The “Ah Hah!” moment – NASA AI Javelin update!

The Trackmasters event was a mixed bag. I didn’t go any faster and I cut a tire which meant I didn’t get to run the last two session. The tire got cut because I didn’t run the ½” front wheel … Continue reading

The “bars” are back in town – NASA American Iron Javelin Update…

Got the Javelin back from Evil Genius Racing. The 3rd link mount has been fixed. They plated a much larger area around the 3rd link box and added the support bars the car originally had from the main hoop to … Continue reading

Repaint Complete!!! – NASA AI Javelin update

Well it’s been 3 weeks since I dropped the Javelin off and it’s finally done. Picked it up this morning. WOW, what a difference new paint makes. Looks great (again)! Now I just need to get the stickers reapplied and … Continue reading

Finally! back in paint – NASA AI Javelin update

Well it’s been over a year and a half but the car is FINALLY back in the paint shop! Took it back to Maaco in Santa Rosa. It’s been there a week and will be at least another week before … Continue reading

Gremlin Track Rat – gutting doors and buying parts!

So I’ve been splitting time between the Javelin and the Gremlin. At this point I’ve completely removed the interior and pulled the engine/trans. I haven’t explained why the motor came out so let me tell that story. I had originally … Continue reading

American Iron Javelin – Getting ready for paint

After the test day in January (2014) it was time to get the car ready for paint. I was not looking forward to that bill so I wanted to do as much as I could on my own before bringing … Continue reading

Prepare for (re)Launch! – Nasa AI Javelin update…

After getting the car back from Joe’s I still had a number of things to do: 1. I nut and bolted the whole car. 2. I painted and installed the grille block off plate Joe made me. 3. I installed … Continue reading

FRANKEN-JAV… NASA American Iron AMC Javelin update

It’s been a little over 2 months since I brought the Javelin to Evil Genius and now it’s back home. John took a total disaster and turned it into hope. I have a foundation again and can finish the job … Continue reading

the long road back… Nasa American Iron AMC Javelin update

So I had a destroyed race car and the back half of a rusty Javelin. But no idea what I was going to do with the whole mess. I talked to several body shops and emailed them pictures and got … Continue reading