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The “bars” are back in town – NASA American Iron Javelin Update…

Got the Javelin back from Evil Genius Racing. The 3rd link mount has been fixed. They plated a much larger area around the 3rd link box and added the support bars the car originally had from the main hoop to … Continue reading

Testing fail – strike TWO! NASA American Iron Javelin upate

After the first test was a total fail I wasn’t 100% sure what the problem was. Best guess was the rack was bad so I went to Napa and got a replacement. Got the rack swapped out and reset the … Continue reading

Gremlin Track Rat – Scarebird Disc Brake upgrade

So, I’m trying to get the Gremlin track worthy. One of the first things I knew had to happen was ditching the front drum brakes and getting disc brakes. My goal for this car is a BUDGET FRIENDLY / PARTS … Continue reading

OWWWW!!!!!! !@#$%&^!!@!… NASA American Iron Javelin Update

ok, if you’re building yourself a race car might I suggest the following… TRY to avoid dropping a flywheel on it’s end onto your pinky. There’s nothing like the serrated end of a flywheel to both crush and cut open … Continue reading

Plan B… NASA American Iron Javelin update.

Ok, if you’ve been following along you know I spent several weeks stewing over the brake/clutch reservoirs I mounted on the firewall. They just weren’t high enough relative to the pedal mounted masters and the hose routing was going to … Continue reading

Braking news… NASA American Iron Javelin update

Man… that took a lot longer than I thought it would but I finally have the front suspension and brakes ALMOST finished. I had a major problem trying to get the power rack in. First I found out that the … Continue reading

Thunderhill Punch List…

This weekend was about making sure the car is ready for my track day at Thunderhill this coming Friday. I had a number of items I needed to do. I put the car up on jack stands, pulled off my … Continue reading

happy 4th! mostly brakes today

well, while you were all eating hot dogs and hamburgers I was busting butt trying to get the Javelin that much closer to being done. I bought a wilwood brake proportioning valve about a year ago and am just now … Continue reading