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Grem Life – Project Greta update…

Had some time to mess with the Gremlin recently. I bought a cheap plastic console/cup holder combo and cut it down to fit. This is a temporary solution but who knows how long it will be before I redo the … Continue reading

Yellow Javelin Update

Since I’ve moved I’ve been able to go to the local AMC club meetings every month. I finally took the Javelin to a meeting and the car was overheating. It was weird. it’d get to 200* when stopped at a … Continue reading

dash mostly done… NASA American Iron Javelin update

worked on the dash today. Got it painted, riveted the gauge and starter switch panel to the dash and loaded up the gauges. dash came out ok. I will probably have to notch it to allow me to fit a … Continue reading

dash fab and more… NASA American Iron Javelin update

Another week has passed and I’ve made some progress on the car.  The Dash is basically done.  I changed the design slightly and instead of a straight dash all the way across I made it in two pieces so I … Continue reading

block off plate – Laguna prep continues…

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to carry my track tires where the back seat normally goes.  Pulling the rear seat leaves a big pass through opening to the trunk.  I’ve got the battery back there and will … Continue reading

my first video…

so I put together a little video blog entry on the dash/gauge cluster I modified for the Javelin.  I’m planning to do a few track days this year and bought a GoPro HD camera to do some in-car video with. … Continue reading

light ’em up…

been working on tying up some loose ends so I can start driving the car again. I actually started it today and let it run for a few minutes. the brakes need to be bled and the tires aired up … Continue reading

It’s been a while…

It’s been 2 months since my last post. I’ve been busy at work but finally got my life back early last week. So, this weekend I was able to get back in the garage. Yesterday I spent some time mocking … Continue reading

let there be rock! eventually…

continuing progress on the re-wire project…. before I finish routing all the wires and terminating all the ends I needed to make sure I know exactly what all the wires I’ll need are. part of that equation was figuring out … Continue reading

clutch box done!

ok, I’ve been slacking on the updating of the blog but I have been putting time in on the Javelin. The saga of the “clutch box” has come to an end. I’m reasonably happy with it. my welds are not … Continue reading