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Race Report! – NASA AI Javelin @ Sonoma Oct. 24/25, 2015

I took Friday off and got the car all loaded up in the morning. Dan was already at the track and had saved me a spot. I parked next to his rig and got the car unloaded and the trailer … Continue reading

Race Report – STRIKE THREE!!! NASA American Iron Javelin update

So the continuing fiasco of getting back into racing the Javelin continues. After the 2nd test was a partial fail (car ran but something was up with the brakes) I only had 3 days until the race weekend. Couldn’t find … Continue reading

Chumpcar West Coast Chumpionship Dec. 8/9 2012

The Javelin may be scrap but I was still able to get one last weekend of racing in for the year! Chumpcar is the bomb and if you want to go racing relatively cheaply this has got to be your … Continue reading

Race report Buttonwillow – NASA AIX AMC Javelin update

Well, that was a total bust… The title of my last post was “back in game” but it looks like I spoke to soon. I spent the week before the race nut and bolting the car and cleaning it. Doing … Continue reading

Chumpcar – Buttonwillow 2012

While the Javelin is laid up with a blown motor I’m not totally out of options for racing. It’s time for another round of Chumpcar racing with the Dirt Track Pirates. This time last year was our first race weekend … Continue reading

Race Report – NASA AIX Outlaw AMC Javelin AMX – Buttonwillow April 21, 2012

Fresh off my test day with Dave Brown I had less than a week to get ready for Buttonwillow. I decided last minute to try and get a little more downforce at the front to try to help the push … Continue reading

Race Report – NASA AIX Outlaw AMC Javelin AMX – Infineon March 2012

well, another action packed weekend under my belt. I’m the slowest thing out there but I survived another weekend with myself and the car intact. Went to Joe’s on Friday and had him scale the car and adjust the toe. … Continue reading

First race report! – NASA AIX Javelin – Infineon Feb. 11/12 2012

wow… after more than a year and a half the Javelin completed it’s first race weekend! it was sooooooo much work and I was completely exhausted by the end of the weekend. here’s a summary of how the weekend went … Continue reading

Chumpcar video posted… FINALLY!

It’s been almost 2 months since the Chumpcar race down in Fontana. I got busy getting the race Javelin ready for it’s first track day. Plus I was just dreading trying to edit down all the hours of video. I … Continue reading

Thrash Week! – NASA American Iron Javelin update

yes, it’s been WAY too long since the last update. Shit happens. Anyway, finally was able to take some time off work. So, we brought the car to Joe’s shop on Tuesday and spent the next 4 days thrashing on … Continue reading