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BANG! – NASA American Iron Javelin update…

After the relative success of the Oct. NASA race (car ran all sessions and I got a new best time for me) I wanted to get on track ONE more time before parking the car for the “winter” (in quotes … Continue reading

Still no faster and a cut tire to boot! – NASA AI Javelin update

So after another long summer of working around the clock it was finally time to get back on track with the Javelin. At the last test the car was “ok” but I just couldn’t get near my old fast lap … Continue reading

Stuck on slow… NASA American Iron Javelin update

So With the car all reassembled after the 3rd link repair it was time to get out for another test session. I loaded up and headed to the track. Weather was great. Unfortunately there were no real Trans-Am cars testing. … Continue reading

Race Report – STRIKE THREE!!! NASA American Iron Javelin update

So the continuing fiasco of getting back into racing the Javelin continues. After the 2nd test was a partial fail (car ran but something was up with the brakes) I only had 3 days until the race weekend. Couldn’t find … Continue reading

Testing fail – strike TWO! NASA American Iron Javelin upate

After the first test was a total fail I wasn’t 100% sure what the problem was. Best guess was the rack was bad so I went to Napa and got a replacement. Got the rack swapped out and reset the … Continue reading

444 days…. NASA AI Javelin update

After exactly 444 days Franken-Javelin returned to Sears Pt. for a shakedown run. Signed up for the afternoon test session 1pm – 4pm. Got to the track around 11am so I had plenty of time to register, get unloaded and … Continue reading

Last dance… NASA American Iron Javelin Update

Finally got around to checking out the video/data from the last test session. This was the first time I had my Traqmate and GoPro camera running at the same time. After messing around with the Traqstudio software I was able … Continue reading

Testing, testing, 1 2 3… NASA American Iron Javelin update

Well I got the MSD distributor in and got the car running and set the timing around 34*. Then I had to figure out whether I was going to try to get a test in before the next race. Kind … Continue reading

the cold, hard, facts… NASA AIX Javelin update

After two race weekends it’s clear that both the car and me are way out of our league. At Infineon I’m 10+ seconds behind the leaders and I’m even slower than the CMC2 cars (even though I should have almost … Continue reading

Shakedown no. 2 – NASA American Iron Javelin update…

with the car out of the paint shop it was time for another test session to see if all the tweaks we made after the first outing in November improved the car. the big issues from that first outing were … Continue reading