The “ALMOST” Fast Five movie Javelins

So, I’m minding my own business when Tyson texts me a link to a Facebook Marketplace ad (sound familiar)?  It’s early March and I am definitely NOT in the market for any more cars.  I click on the link and see an ad for a really interesting looking ‘71 or ‘72 Javelin.  It’s painted white,… Continue Reading The “ALMOST” Fast Five movie Javelins

Madd Matt – The Re-Birthen-ing (part 2)

When last we left off it was mid-December.  We had gotten seats in the car, gotten some freebies, had a mockup motor and the t10 trans in the car and had another motor on the stand getting built. While on the stand I started cobbling together the front accessory drive.  Dug through my parts stash… Continue Reading Madd Matt – The Re-Birthen-ing (part 2)

Madd Matt – The Re-Birthen-ing (part 1)

Bet you didn’t see this coming… Psych!  This is HAPPENING people!!! Sad to say it’s been 6 long years since I got the Matador.  A lot has happened in that time. Mostly what’s happened is my son will be FOUR soon!  But also I have done a lot of other car stuff.   I had pretty… Continue Reading Madd Matt – The Re-Birthen-ing (part 1)

Willow Springs Raceway

I frequent the AMC Forums and I’ve seen posts about track events at Willow Springs that had an AMX track car show up. Most recently, October of 2018, they had THREE AMC track cars attend. The group is called All Time Racing and they are a mopar group that does a spring and fall track… Continue Reading Willow Springs Raceway

2018 Wrap up

The Shed In January I continued working on the shed.  I built 3 shelves high enough so I could tuck motors underneath.  One long shelf along the back wall. This shelf has 7 large tubs underneath that hold different items.  One tub is for suspension, one for pumps/motors (power steering, starters, alternators, etc). Two are… Continue Reading 2018 Wrap up

Pick n’ Pull SCORE!!!

I’ve been trying to focus on existing projects but the fact that they aren’t making any more AMC’s always has me thinking about what parts/cars I can’t pass up when they come along. Recently I’ve been thinking about engines. I would like to have a couple of backup motors. 401’s would be awesome, but let’s… Continue Reading Pick n’ Pull SCORE!!!

Grem Life – Project Greta update…

Had some time to mess with the Gremlin recently. I bought a cheap plastic console/cup holder combo and cut it down to fit. This is a temporary solution but who knows how long it will be before I redo the interior. So in the meantime, grab a drink! Also pulled the AM radio in preparation… Continue Reading Grem Life – Project Greta update…