Adventures of Clutch Box

my clutch master cylinder relocation project continued today. last weekend I built the basic “box” that will allow me to bring the master in-board a couple of inches to clear the power brake booster. next I needed to fill the hole left when I removed the stock wiring harness firewall block. I’m installing a new, universal 18 circuit harness with modern blade fuses (no more glass fusses!). first I actually trimmed away MORE of the firewall to create an easier shape for the fill panel. then I used card stock to figure out what the panel should look like. I did several trial mockups before I was ready to commit the panel to metal. I cut the rough shape with my electric shears and the finished the piece on a bench grinder. the Clarke electric shears I have are great. I think I remember Fran from the amc forum raving about them a few years ago which is why I bought them. I’d love to have a band saw but these shears are proving to be a great tool for making various things from sheet stock. I also had to shorten the clutch push rod and cut thread further down the shaft to match up with the clutch pedal. oh, one other nice thing about doing this relocation is that I realized I no longer had to mount the reservoir remotely. this is a wilwood remote master and I previously had the reservoir mounted to the shock tower. but where the master will be now I can mount the reservoir right to the master… nice. I can even unscrew and remove the reservoir cap no problem. no entirely sure I can fill it without a funnel though, we’ll see. anyway, that’s it for now.

1973 Javelin-street, Drive Train, Electrical, Interior, pedals

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