AMC Rebel Machine on MuscleCar tv show (SPIKE tv)

The Feb. 8th episode of MuscleCar was cool for 2 reasons.  First, they did a stereo install that involved a lot of fab’ing of interior panels.  That’s what I’ve been doing on the Javelin lately so that was cool to see some of the techniques and materials they were using.  The second reason the show was great was the the “feature” car segment they do each episode was on the Rebel Machine… awesome!  Usually I fast forward through these segments but of course I watched this one.  Anyway, if you missed it you can probably catch a repeat or worst case you can buy it off itunes or amazon downloads for $2.00.

episode: Trans Am Stereo Install,  February 08, 2009  (MC2009-06)

MuscleCar TV episode mc2009-06


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