AMCRC National 2010

This weekend was the AMCRC clubs national AMC meet in Sacramento. After all the long road trips I’ve done lately it was nice to have something only an hour and fifteen minutes away. Yesterday there was a swap meet at the California Auto Museum. Aside from Doug Galvin there wasn’t a whole lot going on though. I checked out the museum for a bit and then headed out to visit the guys at A&L Auto. This is a repair shop in Sac owned buy some serious AMC fans. I brought my Javelin over to show them and to see what they had going on. Great guys and some nice AMCs. Then I headed over to Evil Genius Racing in West Sacramento. This is the race shop that’s going to do the cage for my American Iron Javelin. John Pagel runs things over there. He spent a lot of time explaining things to me and I can’t wait to get the car over there so they can start working.

Today was the big AMC show under the highway near the California Auto Museum. I was skeptical about the location but it turned out to be a great place for a car show. Because of the overpass a lot of the cars were shielded from the sun all day. The guys from A&L had 4 AMCs in the show and Rich, the shop owner, won a trophy with his Matador wagon. I think there were 80 to 100 cars. One of the highlights for me was “Marlin Row”. There were NINE Marlins there. When was the last time you saw that many Marlins in one place? *If your name is Stan Kelly this question is not directed to you :)* Pretty cool…

After the show, back at the museum, there was a buffet dinner and a speaker. The speaker was Jack Carol who was a designer for AMC from I think about 1962 to 1967. He worked in both the interior and exterior styling departments. He had a slide show showing a lot of his original drawings and told stories of life at AMC during that time. I really enjoyed the talk.

He’s a little video I shot of the show.

Car Shows, video

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