another day another checklist… NASA American Iron Javelin update

ok, another low key day just checking items off the list. I finally bolted down the seat and snapped on the padded seat cover. I test fit the trans. I drilled a hole in the firewall for the few wires and fuel/oil pressure gauge lines. I test fit the air cleaner setup I’m going to use (which I grabbed off my street Javelin to save a few bucks). and notched the dash so the windshield brace fits. and the last item, just for fun, I mounted the cars orginal dash vin tab to the dash 🙂

oh, one nice bit of luck. I’ve been having trouble finding a water outlet (thermostat housing). ordered one from the parts store and it turned out not to be the right one. They make nice billet units but I didn’t want to pay $100 for it. the water outlet that came with the free motor I picked up was badly pitted. Then I remembered that this car came with a stock iron intake manifold in the trunk. I had it stored in the back of the gremlin I have. I went looking for it because I was hoping maybe it had the throttle cable bracket still on the manifold. well it didn’t BUT it did have the water outlet. I pulled it off and removed the hose and it’s in really good shape. So one more random part I need checked off the list!

and tomorrow I’m picking up a stock power steering pump from the parts store. I still need the pivot plate to go with the power steering pump bracket which I ordered today. I also talked to Bulltear today and my serpentine setup should ship out Thursday. I’ll be back with the car on Saturday. Here’s a few more pics.

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Misc

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