exclusive :) tube frame Javelin found!

When I was at the NASA weekend in August I was pitted near Charles from Life’s Good Racing.  He came over to check out the Javelin and tell me about another guy on the Life’s Good team who is building a tube frame super unlimited car with a Javelin body dropped over it.  So, I was like, ok, I need to talk to this person and see this car!  The builders name is Mark and he’s a master fabricator.  I contacted Karl at Life’s Good and he put me in touch with Mark.  I was finally able to go over to Mark’s place today and got to spend a couple of hours drooling over his master piece.  This thing is SICK. Unfortunately it’s not done yet and Mark’s got some other priorities which are going to keep him from finishing the project for a while.  Mark was given the body and told it was a ’68 Javelin.  However, I think the fender end-caps make it a ’70 (earlier Javelin experts please chime in).  The car came with a 360 engine, which Mark is selling to me :).  The fact that it had a 360 in it is maybe another indication that it’s actually a ’70.  Anyway, here’s a video walk-around of the car.  Enjoy!

Mark D's unbelievable tube frame Javelin!

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5 thoughts on “ exclusive :) tube frame Javelin found!”

  1. Wow that is one badass car! Looks like your race car is coming right along too… what are the specs on the 360?

    I’ve been looking for a fabricator to do a fuel cell and cage in my car too…looks like I’ll be heading to EGR!


  2. Hey Steven, if you call EGR tell ’em I sent you. thanks!
    the 360 engine Mark is selling me would just be a core. I haven’t spec’d the motor yet. In fact, I’m seriously considering pulling the engine/trans out of the yellow Javelin to use initially to shake down the rest of the race car. It would save me time and money. Once I have some miles on the race car and know how much it weighs I can then figure out how much motor to build. Haven’t made any decisions but that’s the direction I’m leaning…

  3. That a ’68/’69 going by the front fender end-caps and taillamps. Could be a ’70 with earlier stuff though. The rear spoiler is post ’70, as the angle isn’t upright as with the ’70 version.


  4. hey Steve, thanks for the comment. I thought the 68/69 Javelins didn’t have fender end-caps…? oh well. Guess it doesn’t matter what is WAS. Now it’s a bad ass supercar (or will be once he finishes it) 🙂