Back At Joes – NASA Road Race Javelin Update

Brought the Car to Joe’s and got a number of things done. First we set the ride height, adjusted the rear links so the rear-end is square to the chassis, set the toe to 1/8″ out and scaled the car.

LF 936 RF 832
LR 680 RR 649

Left 1616 52.2%
Rear 1329 42.9%
Cross 1512 48.8%
Total 3097

*tires at 25psi, me in the car and 8 gallons of gas in the cell

Then Joe changed the sway bar end-link mounts by putting them on top of the lower control arm. This raised the bar a good 2″. We also shimmed the steering arm on the right side to create more clearance to the rotor (the steering rack heim was touching the bottom inside edge of the rotor and machining it down a bit). We also bled the brakes. And he made me a front grill block off panel. Once I got the car home I spent a couple of hours (spread over a couple of days) nut and bolting the whole car. So, I’m ready to fire this thing up for the first time in over a year. There’s a test day at Sears Pt. on Jan. 15th I’m hoping to make. Stay Tuned.

Getting Ready!

Getting Ready!

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Suspension


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