back from paint and pluggin’ holes – NASA American Iron Javelin update

Got up this morning at picked up the Javelin from Miracle autobody/paint in Napa.  The insides are all nice and light gray now.  now it’s time to actually start trying to assemble this car.  After getting the car back in the shop I spent an hour or so filling the AMX emblem holes in the sail panels and the trim holes along the top of the door and quarter window area.  I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of everything but have been lazy with the video.  I thought since I’d be welding and grinding that it’d be fun to do a little time lapse.  in other news, the lexan windshield I ordered a month ago finally arrived. just laid it on the car for a quick test fit. it’s going to need to be trimmed down to fit. hopefully it works well, I’ve never messed with lexan before…

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Body and Paint, video

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