Back on it! NASA American Iron Javelin update…

Ok, as was just pointed out in a recent comment, it’s been TWO MONTHS since the last update. My last time with the car before last week was July 10th. On that day I finally put most of the fluids in the car. I put 7 qts of Joe Gibbs XP6 racing oil in the engine as a starting point. The trans got filled up with a combination of Redline ATF and Syngear II. The clutch got DOT 3 brake fluid and the brakes got Wilwood EXP 600 brake fluid. The Rear got a gallon of Joe Gibbs gear oil and I used Redline power steering fluid. The only fluids left are water and gas.

July/August are always busy for me at work (7 days a week busy) so I was not able to touch the car after July 10th until last week. I finally got through the work crunch but have also been doing some home remodeling which has taken time and money away from the Javelin.

But things are starting to roll again. Last week I brought the car to Johnny Franklin Muffler/Drive Line in Santa Rosa, CA. They did the exhaust on my Yellow Javelin several years ago. Great bunch of guys and racers too. They built an x-pipe and driveshaft for the car. They used new Shoenfeld 95db mufflers.

I mentioned filling all the fluids back in July. Well, I had a number of leaks unfortunately. One of my brake lines was leaking (I got it fixed already). One of the press-in power steering pump fittings just fell out and dumped all my Redline PS fluid on the floor 🙁 and the rear looks like it’s leaking in 3 different places 🙁

Today I picked up the power steering pump from Joe and re-installed it. He replaced the press in fitting that fell out with a new one. I’m waiting on the alternator bracket he’s making me so I can run a mini-race alternator. I also made a block off for the gap between the front spoiler and the lower radiator support. This is my 2nd attempt. I made the first one so it attached to the BOTTOM of the lower rad support. After looking at it a while I realized it was going to be too easy for dirt and rocks to accumulate there. The new one attaches to the TOP of the lower rad support.

Al at Control Freak suspensions called me to say they finally have the front and rear sways bars for their suspension kits ready. I’ve got a front sway bar on the way. Should be here soon.

So, I need to sort out my leaks, get the alternator installed, install the windshield, put gas/water in it, bleed the brakes and finally try to start it for the first time… then it’s off to paint. More to come.

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Drive Train, Exhaust


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