battery in trunk…

ok, I made some more progress with my re-wire project this past weekend. as I posted previously, the battery is going in the trunk. the battery tray is being secured with a 3/8″ bolt in each corner. next up was where to route the pos battery cable; inside the car or under the car? I decided on a hybrid. I’m running the pos cable through the trunk and behind the rear seat. then I drilled a hole to feed it under the car. neg cable goes through a hole I drilled right next to the battery tray and will bolt to the frame rail. I also decided to move the MSD box to the spot vacated by the battery. I have had the box mounted vertically on the drivers side for a number of years but was never really happy with where it was. got all the holes drilled for the rubber isolation mounts. I know I’m crazy but I actually like wiring… 🙂

1973 Javelin-street, Electrical

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