bit of a setback…

ok, I was already to bleed the brakes and start driving the car and then wham… so much for that idea.  I moved the car from the wheel ramps it’s been on for a year to jack stands so I could remove the wheels.  it’s way easier to bleed the brakes with the wheels off.  anyway, ONE lug nut out of 20 would not come off.  I must have cross threaded it the last time I put them on.  anyway, I ended up shearing it off with a breaker bar.  this was on the front drivers side.  to remove the sheared wheel stud meant removing the caliper and rotor/hub assembly.  then I had to separate the rotor/hat from the hub.  finally I put the hub in my vice and try to  back out the sheared stud.  no dice.  I know they were put in with loc-tite so I heated the bolt up to 150 degrees and hit it with an impact gun.  nothing.  next I bolted the hub back onto a wheel and held the wheel against the wall.  then I tried to back it out with a breaker bar.  when I realized I was starting to twist my allen head socket but the bolt was not budging I gave up.  I’m sending it back to Ken McIntire who designed/built the hub.  he said he’d fix it for me.

sheared wheel stud... bummer.

sheared wheel stud... bummer.

1973 Javelin-street, Misc


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