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Madd Matt – The Re-Birthen-ing (part 2)

When last we left off it was mid-December.  We had gotten seats in the car, gotten some freebies, had a mockup motor and the t10 trans in the car and had another motor on the stand getting built. While on … Continue reading

1974 Matador-road race, Drive Train, video

Madd Matt – The Re-Birthen-ing (part 1)

Bet you didn’t see this coming… Psych!  This is HAPPENING people!!! Sad to say it’s been 6 long years since I got the Matador.  A lot has happened in that time. Mostly what’s happened is my son will be FOUR … Continue reading

1974 Matador-road race, Drive Train, Electrical, Wheels and Tires

My first 401!

I’ve been on the hunt for a 401 motor for Madd Matt (the road racing Matador). One popped up on craigslist about 2 hrs from me. It was still attached to a 1971 Javelin SST. The car had damage to … Continue reading

1971 Javelin SST-parts car, 1974 Matador-road race, Drive Train

Meet “Mad Matt” the Road Race Matador!

If you watched the video from the last post you know that’s there’s been a new addition to my little AMC fleet (totaling 5 cars now). Here’s what I know of the story so far. In the late 90’s a … Continue reading

1974 Matador-road race

what’s new in the shop???

got a surprise update…

1974 Matador-road race, video