Chumpcar West Coast Chumpionship Dec. 8/9 2012

The Javelin may be scrap but I was still able to get one last weekend of racing in for the year! Chumpcar is the bomb and if you want to go racing relatively cheaply this has got to be your best bet (except for maybe go karts?). Anyway, this was the 4th event the Dirt… Continue Reading Chumpcar West Coast Chumpionship Dec. 8/9 2012

Chumpcar – Buttonwillow 2012

While the Javelin is laid up with a blown motor I’m not totally out of options for racing. It’s time for another round of Chumpcar racing with the Dirt Track Pirates. This time last year was our first race weekend in the RX-7. If you haven’t read my write-up from last year let me just… Continue Reading Chumpcar – Buttonwillow 2012

Chumpcar video posted… FINALLY!

It’s been almost 2 months since the Chumpcar race down in Fontana. I got busy getting the race Javelin ready for it’s first track day. Plus I was just dreading trying to edit down all the hours of video. I ended up just doing the Saturday race but there wouldn’t be much difference with the… Continue Reading Chumpcar video posted… FINALLY!

ChumpCar – Fontana double 7hr Oct. 15/16 2011

The Dirt Track Pirates headed down to SoCal for our second ChumpCar race of 2011. This was a two race weekend with a 7hr enduro on both Saturday and Sunday. This was the first time I’d ever been to Fontana (Auto Club Speedway). It’s an interesting track because your in the in-field of this giant… Continue Reading ChumpCar – Fontana double 7hr Oct. 15/16 2011