Thrash week redux… American Iron Javelin update

After the track day at Infineon I had a list of items I need to address. So I dragged the car back to Joe’s and we started crossing things off the list. Here are the highlights – – to try to address the oil leaks we pulled the intake bolts one by one, put a… Continue Reading Thrash week redux… American Iron Javelin update

getting close… NASA American Iron Javelin update

ugh… I was hoping to get the car back 2 weeks ago.  but we’ve been stuck waiting for parts.  we’re pretty close at this point though.  the rear coil over shocks/springs showed up today.  the 3-link is almost done and the steering and pedals and done.  here are a few update pictures…

vroom vroom… American Iron Javelin Update

Went to Evil Genius Racing today to check on the car and help mock up the pedal and steering column placement. Clint, EGR’s head fabricator has done and awesome job with the cage and fuel cell install. It’s been great working with EGR. They’re a great shop if you need some fab work done! After… Continue Reading vroom vroom… American Iron Javelin Update

Thunderhill Punch List…

This weekend was about making sure the car is ready for my track day at Thunderhill this coming Friday. I had a number of items I needed to do. I put the car up on jack stands, pulled off my street wheels/tires. Then I replaced the front brake pads, which were Wilwood Q compound, with… Continue Reading Thunderhill Punch List…

Adventures of Clutch Box

my clutch master cylinder relocation project continued today. last weekend I built the basic “box” that will allow me to bring the master in-board a couple of inches to clear the power brake booster. next I needed to fill the hole left when I removed the stock wiring harness firewall block. I’m installing a new,… Continue Reading Adventures of Clutch Box

what’s a clutch box???

when I switched over from the T10 4-speed to the Tremec 5-speed I also changed from a mechanical clutch linkage to an hydraulic clutch. that meant I needed to mount a clutch master cylinder on the firewall. for some reason I refused to acknowledge the truth of LEVERAGE and mounted it too low. well, the… Continue Reading what’s a clutch box???

race pedals project

I got the idea to modify the stock pedals to dress them up.  The idea is to drill and countersink holes into them and then make new pedal pads that will work with the Mustang Bullitt pedals I bought.  I bought the pedal set online for about $80.  I don’t have a drill press so… Continue Reading race pedals project