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ChumpCar – Fontana double 7hr Oct. 15/16 2011

The Dirt Track Pirates headed down to SoCal for our second ChumpCar race of 2011. This was a two race weekend with a 7hr enduro on both Saturday and Sunday. This was the first time I’d ever been to Fontana … Continue reading

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ChumpCar – Buttonwillow 14 hr June 18th 2011 Report

Wow! Ok, the ChumpCar race was really cool! I thought I would enjoy it but it was even better than I expected. And that’s considering that we had some real issues with the motor that kept the car off track … Continue reading

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Goin’ Chump Car racing!

I can’t believe it’s June and I still haven’t gotten the Javelin on Track ūüôĀ but I am going racing in a few weeks. I got invited to join some guys I know who are running an RX-7 at the … Continue reading

Misc, Racing, Track Events exclusive :) tube frame Javelin found!

When I was at the NASA weekend in August I was pitted near Charles from Life’s Good Racing. ¬†He came over to check out the Javelin and tell me about another guy on the Life’s Good team who is building … Continue reading

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got cage? American Iron Javelin update…

ok, big milestone. The AI Javelin went to the cage builder today. Evil Genius racing in West Sacramento is going to do the cage, install the fuel cell, seat, pedals and do the 3-link rear end. I ordered a 22-gal … Continue reading

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Track Attack Thunderhill – with NASA

Spent this past weekend at Thunderhill with NASA. I ran in their HPDE 3 group. This is the second time with the Javelin at Thunderhill but the first time running the turn 5 bypass. NASA always runs the bypass and … Continue reading

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Track Attack! – Infineon Raceway

I got an email from Phil at Your Private Track Day a few weeks ago about an event he was putting on today at Infineon. The track is about 40 minutes from my house and only 10 minutes from work … Continue reading

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American Iron Javelin – “cage ready”!

ok, not quite but it’s very close. I just need to hang the doors back on, pop out the rear glass and bolt some wheels back on so it will roll. Unfortunately I broke the upper drivers side corner off … Continue reading

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New Project Begins!

I’ve had a 1974 Javelin shell for about 7 years. ¬†Finally decided what I’m going to do with it. ¬†I’m going to build it for NASA’s American Iron class. ¬†Here’s a timelapse of day 2 of the disassembly. ¬†The car … Continue reading

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