check it out… Trans-Am Javelin clone!!!

Mike who’s an auto shop teacher down in Mountainview, CA replied to one of my posts on the AMC Forum. He/his students are well on their way to completing a stunning looking Sunoco Javelin clone. And it sounds like he’s going to put it on track once it’s completed. I’m hoping we can coordinate for a track day together next year. And I’ve had another inquiry from a local AMC guy who wants to build his ’73 Javelin for the road course. My fantasy of forming an AMC track “gang” may be gaining some momentum! 🙂 Mike has also built a beautiful looking Trans-Am ‘Cuda clone. Check it all out here: Gunn Auto Tech

Gunn Auto Tech Sunoco Javelin clone!

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2 thoughts on “check it out… Trans-Am Javelin clone!!!”

  1. Hey (I haven’t picked up your name),
    I like and admire what you guys are doing with your Javelins. Why? I am doing the same thing and am so happy to see others doing it as well. My project is a hybrid of yours and the ’70 Javelin above but probably more tube frame than not. I am including small bits of stock front frame in the construction. Mine is a ’74 Javelin and will look like a GT1 AMX when done. I am in the budget frame where a lot of steel will remain initally.

    I live outside of Detroit, grew up there,. My dad worked for AMC from the mid 60’s through the mid ’80’s. He used to bring these things home for lunch everyday,. I grew up on them and have been dreaming of a car like this since I was a teen.

    I am a bit far away but would be happy to be part of your track gang when you get a “quorum”, or enough critical mass to launch. I may not be able make it out there, then I’ll do my damage out here and let you know how it goes.

    I’ve been racing off and on for 25 years (Renault Cup 1985 and more) and this will be my most enjoyable project I think.

    Glad to see you out there. I commend your efforts and wish you success and progression in your development of your car.

    Tom B

  2. hey Tom, thanks for stopping by! your project sounds awesome. Please post some pictures (or video) on one of the AMC forums. Or email them to me and I’ll post on the blog here. Also, since it seems like you’ve done this before, if you have any advice, fire away!

    oh, my name is Asif. email is: asifnyc [at symbol]