Chuggin’ along – NASA American Iron Update

Haven’t posted an update in a while, here’s what’s been going on. I went to the first NASA race at Infineon this year on Saturday Feb. 12th and was disappointed to find out that there were NO American Iron cars running?! Spoke to several people and the low down is that the first race is often not well attended and also there has been some drama in the class and some people have moved to ST2 or are sitting out. It was pretty frustrating to think that I’ve been building this car for a class that is dead/dying. But, at this point I’m committed so I’m going full steam ahead and trying to complete the car as quickly as possible. The next race is March 19th. I’m pretty much guaranteed to miss that one as well. So I HAVE to make the April race and hopefully the car will be done earlier and I can try to make a shakedown event some where…

I also had my physical and submitted my medical paperwork to get a provisional license. Haven’t heard back yet.

On the car I’ve done a number of smaller things. I’ve started some plumbing/wiring, I’ve gotten a 5 point harness, I’ve trimmed the lexan windshield (that took 3 hours!) and I’ve cut the holes in the aluminum grille I made. Originally I was going to cut holes where the headlights would go and run brake ducts from there. But after thinking about it I realized that it was a much straiter shot to go from the turn signal holes. Also, I wanted to keep the option open to run endurance races some day (you need to run headlights for those races). So this way I get my brake duct holes and the headlight area is left alone for now.

I finally got around to test fitting my wheels on the rear. They don’t fit. The wheel bore is too small for the rear rotor/hub. That’s a major drag. I have to find someone to enlarge the wheel bores or try to do it myself. I did some research and found youtube videos of people opening up wheel bores with a router. I may end up trying that.

Things will really start cooking this weekend/next week. The BIG news is that the Control Freak IFS is FINALLY coming!!! It’s scheduled to be delivered this Friday Feb. 25th. The Astro Performance A5 transmission is also arriving on Friday. And I *should* be heading down to L.A. some time next week to dyno the engine and bring it home! With a front suspension, and engine and a transmission I can really start putting this car together. Then I just need some paint and bodywork and it’ll be time to hit the track!

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2 thoughts on “Chuggin’ along – NASA American Iron Update”

  1. I really liked your instrument panel that you did on youtube. I built my 1973 AMC Javelin out of the junk yard back in 1987 and still drive it to work today. One of my biggest issues is my instrument panel. The one I have is the third one but they keep breaking. They are old and just worn out.

    You think you could build one for me so I can install it in my Javelin?

  2. hey Thanks. I’d consider trying to build one for you but I’m up to my neck in my race car build. Also, I would have to charge a fortune because it takes a lot of time. why not consider trying to build one for yourself. I’d be happy to try to answer any questions. If you just want to swap out the gauges and don’t need/want to do the more radical stuff I did (closing up the AC vents and grafting in the headlight and wiper switch) then it will be even easier. good luck and let us now if you wind up making your own.