corded… Track Attack? Laguna Seca

Survived another track outing with my trusty ’73 Javelin. This was my last track event of the year (probably ever) in this car as I plan to retire it back to street only duty. I hope to have the American Iron race Javelin ready by the first race next year (late feb/early march) and that’s what I’ll be running to get my track fix.

Had a great time and the weather was fantastic. Unfortunately on my very first out lap I locked up the tires and really flat spotted the fronts. Had a bad “thump” that was really bad at low speeds. I was there with Don who was riding shotgun and instructing me. Don was a huge help as always.  After that first session we looked at the tires and realized they were starting to show cords on the shoulder. Well I went out and did the second session anyway and when I came in we looked at the tires again and this is what we found?! (see pic below) At that point I knew I wasn’t going to be running those tires anymore. Instead of running the 3rd session I bummed a ride in an awesome Mustang coupe (see pic below). I hemmed and hawed for a bit and then decided, screw it, and put my street tires on for the last 2 sessions. I really didn’t lean on it though because I didn’t want to chunk up these brand new Nitto street tires. It sucked to feel like I couldn’t really push it but it was still a good day at the track.

Because it was more of a retreat 🙂 than an attack I just have one video this time with a single lap. Enjoy.

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