dash fab and more… NASA American Iron Javelin update

Another week has passed and I’ve made some progress on the car.  The Dash is basically done.  I changed the design slightly and instead of a straight dash all the way across I made it in two pieces so I can have the passenger side of the dash recessed closer to the firewall.  Took a bit more work but I think it came out decent.  I’ll paint the dash black (maybe use a wrinkle finish paint) and I’m using a Quickcar gauge panel.  So the dash is going to have (left to right), the master cutoff switch, a Quickcar ignition switch panel, a Quickcar gauge panel with water temp, oil press, fuel pressure and a 3 3/8″ tach and then finally the brake bias knob.  There’s a slideshow below showing the process from template to finished piece.

I also finished the rear blockoff panel.  Came out pretty good.  It will be riveted to what’s left of the package try on top.  At the bottom I’m using aluminum angle that will be riveted to the trunk floor.   And, we figured out how we’re going to mount the radiator.  I bought an aluminum AFCO radiator, 26″ x 19″.  We’ll have two cradles on the bottom that the radiator will just sit it.  Then there will be a top panel that it bolted to the radiator and the rad support in the car.  Making progress but still lots to do before it’s ready for interior paint.  I’m shooting for Monday or Tuesday, Dec. 20th or 21st.  I’m going to take it to Miracle in Napa.  This first trip will just be to paint the engine bay, interior/roll cage and trunk.  Stay tuned…

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Interior, video


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