Dun Blowed Up… NASA AIX Javelin update

blown motor? check…

Ok, the motors blown but the question was, how bad? I took off the valve covers and manually rotated the engine. none of the valves moved and the engine wouldn’t turn a full 360*. It hangs up on something. I decided instead of seeing if it’s “just” bent valves or “just” a broken timing chain that I wanted to pull the whole motor and take it to a machine shop. Don suggested Rob’s Automotive Machine in Hayward. So, I went to Jeff’s on Saturday to borrow his hoist. Spent the rest of the weekend tearing apart a car that I spent a year and a half building… fun. anyway, on Tuesday morning I did the final pull and put the engine in the truck and took it to Rob’s.

Rob sr. disassembled the motor and here’s the report:

1. ALL valves bent
2. Timing chain AND gear broken
3. Timing cover is broken
4. Crank is cracked
5. Cam mounted distributor gear is kinda chewed up (all the teeth are knife edged)

The last issue that was uncovered is that the bearings are all pretty burnt up. If you’ve been following the blog you’ve probably read a few times where I’ve seen my oil pressure light come on and had to get off the track quick. I’m guessing the burnt bearings are due to that. I’m going to install a dipstick this time and USE it…

So, it’s not looking too good for me making the Willow Springs race… Next race is in June back at Buttonwillow. I’m considering missing that one too because it’s only a week after the Chumpcar race. I want to get the rebuilt motor in AND get the car lowered before I try to run it again…

Here’s some pics.

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Drive Train


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