GOING FOR low… NASA American Iron AMC Javelin update

So after 2 years the car was rebuilt, repainted, re-stickered and ready to go. Seems like the perfect time to tear it all apart again! Ever since I first built the car I’ve been unhappy with the ride height. The car was much higher than the cars I was trying (and failing) to compete with. After all this time and work the car had nothing done to it that would make it go faster than it had before I wrecked it. Now a decent chunk (maybe even half?) of the time I was losing to the other cars was my driving. But when I put Dave Brown in the car and he was still 6 seconds slower than another mid-pack American Iron competitor I knew the car needed some re-engineering. I was about to start that process when the accident happened.

So here we are 2 years later and it was time to finally get serious about making this car faster. And that meant lowering it. Wilwood came out with these 2″ drop spindles and I really wanted them on the car. So here’s a video showing the progress. Plan is to do everything I can to get the car as low as possible and try to go racing again next year. Stay tuned…

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4 thoughts on “GOING FOR low… NASA American Iron AMC Javelin update”

  1. Drop spindles??? Whoa, when did those come out and I’m assuming they’re for the control freak IFS?

  2. Control Freak uses a Pinto/Mustang II spindle. The Wilwood spindle is “universal” for any system that needs a Mustang II spindle. They didn’t make it specifically for the Control Freak IFS.

  3. Gregg, as a first step I’m just going to do spoiler extensions like the real Trans-Am Javelins have. Now that the car is lower maybe I can make them long enough to really get close to the ground. That mod is coming up soon. I did it once before but the extensions were too short and the car was too high.