got rig? yup…

Now that I actually have a running race car it was time to come up with a way to drag it around to all the places we need to go. So far I’ve gotten by on the generosity of friends. Jeff has loaned me his truck and trailer numerous times and Joe brought the car to/from Infineon for the first shake down. I’m super lucky to have these guys around to help me but they’re not coming to every race with me so it was time to get a little more self sufficient.

I’d been cruising craiglist for a while but Jeff actually saw this trailer first and sent me the link. I ran up to Santa Rosa and grabbed it. My Ranger was able to tow the empty trailer no problem but was never going to cut it for actually towing the car around. So I sold the Ranger and bought a 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD (that stands for HEAVY DUTY son…). It’s got an 8.1L gas engine. It’s a lot more truck than I need for the open trailer but if I move up to an enclosed trailer in the future this truck will still be able to handle it.

The trailer had only been used a handful of times by the previous owner and didn’t have any d-rings on it. so of course I dragged it to Joe’s and he and Sterling welded on the d-rings. I also bought a 5000lb winch from Harbor Freight and Sterling got that mounted. I’ve ordered a remote winch control that I’ll install next.

Only issue is that this trailer came with short ramps (I think they are 4ft). I need to come up with a couple of boards to extend the ramps to reduce the angle a bit. I’m just barely clearing the front spoiler with the short ramps.

so there you have it. tow rig… check!


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