Gremlin Track Rat – Scarebird Disc Brake upgrade

So, I’m trying to get the Gremlin track worthy. One of the first things I knew had to happen was ditching the front drum brakes and getting disc brakes. My goal for this car is a BUDGET FRIENDLY / PARTS BIN build. I’m trying to reuse as much stuff as I have laying around and when I do have to buy something I’m trying to find it used on craigslist or ebay or the cheapest option I can find. With that in mind I decided to give Scarebird a try. Scarebird is a company that makes caliper brackets for lots of different cars that allow you to use calipers (and rotors) from more common cars. They have an AMC kit that works on Gremlins so I ordered it ($125). You can use your existing drum brake hubs (with modifications) or you can buy pre-modified hubs. I just got the bracket and used my existing hubs. You have to separate the hub from the drum and turn down the outer diameter and the snout of the hub on a lathe. I had to pay to get that done. I also installed longer wheel studs. This kit allows me to use Toyota Previa rotors (which I found on Amazon for $16 each) and Chevy Cavalier calipers (I paid $50 for a pair). So, the whole upgrade (including the lathe work) is just under $500… If you have access to a lathe you can get it done for about $350.

I got everything installed on the car and just need brake lines to finish it up. Here’s a couple of pics:

Scarebird kit on Gremlin 1

Scarebird kit on Gremlin 2

1975 Track Gremlin, Brakes

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