Greta – Maiden Voyage!

Took Greta to the grocery store today. It’s only 7 minutes from my house. Got there ok but the clutch slips pretty bad and the car gets a lot of fumes in the cabin. Definitely a lot of work to do with this car but it was fun to be tooling around in a Gremlin. Of course as soon as I parked someone came over and said, “oh, man, my brother had one…”. So it was a successful trip but probably my last until I figure out what to do about the clutch slipping. I had assumed it was just a worn disc but the more I look over this car, it has a significant oil leak(s) and the bottom of the car is caked in oily crud, I think the clutch issue MAY just be that the clutch is covered in oil…

Unfortunately, not a quick or easy theory to prove and this car is 3rd in line behind the road race Javelin and the track Gremlin.

Here’s a pic…

Greta the Grocery Getter

1975 Gremlin -Greta-street

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