Gunn HS Trans-Am Javelin clone – up close!

I posted about Mike C’s cool Sunoco Javelin clone a couple of month ago.  Mike’s the auto shop teacher at Gunn HS in Palo Alto and the Javelin is a class project.  Well today I drove down to Palo Alto to drop off a couple of parts for Mike and check out the car in person.  This is a mostly cosmetic clone job that will remain a street car and be Mike’s daily driver.  How cool is that?!  Mike gave me a tour of the auto shop which was really cool.  Made me wish I was back in HS and going to Gunn!  After the tour we swung by Mike’s place which is close by.  I got to check out his ’70 Trans-Am AAR ‘Cuda clone.  This one is a full on 100% replica of the real race car.  It’s not done but’s it’s pretty far along.  Very cool.  Here’s a quick  video I took of the Javelin.  Enjoy.

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