IFS Continued… NASA American Iron Javelin update

Ok, got the remaining front suspension parts (upper control arms, springs and upper shock mount plates) from Control Freak Suspensions. Managed to get the drivers side all put together today. I also picked up a used Accusump and a 5lb fire bottle. See the picture below to see where I’m thinking of mounting them. On the engine front Speed-O-Motive had to change out the Milodon oil pan for an Aviad pan. Milodon didn’t have the oil pickup ready for their new road race pan. Also there’s a 30 day wait for the aluminum flywheel from McLoed so I’m going with steel. I can’t wait around anymore, I need to go RACING! With the change to the Aviad pan and the steel flywheel I *think* I finally have a firm dyno/pickup date; this coming Friday, March 11th! Can’t wait to see/hear the motor in person 🙂 and lastly, I received the power steering rack I ordered from Rock Auto. It arrived after I left for the shop this morning so I won’t be able to install it for a couple of days.

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Suspension

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