It’s GO TIME!!! – NASA American Iron Javelin update…

Ok, I’m signed up for a track day at Infineon this Saturday (Nov. 19th) with Track Masters! My friend Matt will be there too running his Porsche 914. Should be a fun day. Just hope it doesn’t rain. The thing I’m most concerned about is bedding the brakes properly. I wrote about the problem I had with my yellow Javelin where I think I cooked the brakes once and it causes a bad vibration under braking. I really don’t want that to happen with the race car…

Other than that it’ll be interesting to see what works and what kind of problems come up. I’m hoping things will go smoothly but realistically I’m sure some issues will come up; leaks, cooling, throwing belts, handling… what’s it going to be? we’ll see.

I didn’t really realize this when I bought it but the Control Freak IFS doesn’t have any provisions for adjusting camber or caster, so you’re stuck with whatever it’s got (which I think is about -1* camber and I’m not sure about caster). But I can play with the double adjustable front shocks and single adjustable rears as well as tire pressures.

I’ll be recording with my GoPro camera and running my GPS lap timer and I’m curious what kind of speeds I’ll get (but I’m not really going to push it this first time out). Wish me luck!

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