Last dance… NASA American Iron Javelin Update

Finally got around to checking out the video/data from the last test session. This was the first time I had my Traqmate and GoPro camera running at the same time. After messing around with the Traqstudio software I was able to get the video and data sync’d (not perfect but close). Turns out I went about a half second faster than I had previously at Sonoma. That’s pretty encouraging since it was on the old tires I’ve been running since my very first test day with this car back in Nov. 2011.

So here’s a video of that fast lap; a 1:57.8. Wish I was working on getting the car lowered instead of working on dragging a wrecked car to the body shop to see if it’s fixable or a write off…

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Track Events, Traqmate, video

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