let there be rock! eventually…

continuing progress on the re-wire project…. before I finish routing all the wires and terminating all the ends I needed to make sure I know exactly what all the wires I’ll need are. part of that equation was figuring out the audio system. I’m going to run an amp (which I’ve never done before). no sub woofer though. so I ordered a Boss amp and head unit online and it arrived yesterday. The head unit is a “digital media receiver” which means there is no CD deck. it takes a USB input, an SD card or an ipod. I’m going to get an 8gig SD card and put a bunch of music on that. I spent today figuring out where and how to mount the amp and building a panel to mount the amp to. I also made the decision to relocate the battery in the trunk. I have wanted to do this for a while (for weight distribution) but decided not to when I shifted gears to trying to get the car running in time for the AMC show in Pomona at the end of the month. But, with the decision to run a power amp I’m going to need to run a heavy gauge power wire to the trunk anyway. So, I’m putting the batter in the trunk and that will make the amp power wiring short and clean. I’ll still have to run the battery + cable back up to the engine bay, but that’s alright. anyway, here are pics of the audio gear and the panel. I covered the amp panel is some fuzzy “carpet” substitute you can buy at your local auto parts store. it’s the same stuff I used to cover my package shelf years ago. Oh, I also finished dynamating the firewall today.

1973 Javelin-street, Electrical, Interior

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