lost in a tangle of wires

ok, I’m getting deep into the re-wiring. I’m using a GEM Streetrods universal 18 circuit kit. I’m fairly comfortable with electronics/wiring but ripping out EVERY stock wire and starting from absolute ground zero is definitely a bit of a challenge. I’d say 75% of it’s a no brainer but there are a few head scratchers…

anyway, I’m doing pretty good using process of elimination and the TSM wiring diagrams. I got the steering column wiring sorted out and the ignition switch connectors were pre-terminated with the correct plugs and went right in. The engine bay and trunk wiring is very straitforward but the dash wiring is a little trickier… especially due to things like changing the floor dimmer switch out for a turn signal mounted switch/relay combo (and the power door locks and trunk popper I installed a few years ago). I’ll post about the turn signal dimmer when I install it.

one annoying thing on the trunk wiring is that I can’t find the 1156 bulb SOCKETS I need. The ones I have do work but they are really old and oxidized… I found the 1157 sockets I need at Kragen, but not the 1156. I think American Parts Depot has them so I have to put in another order.

what else… I need to order a radio. I’m going with a “digital media receiver”; meaning no cd player. I’m going to get one that takes an SD card. I think I’m going to order a Boss model 765 DBI. I also want to order an amp but I’ve never used an amp before and am not sure what I need. of course the radio is not going in the stock dash location and I’m not sure WHERE I’m going to mount it. restoring is a lot easier than customizing… more to come.

1973 Javelin-street, Electrical

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