My first 401!

I’ve been on the hunt for a 401 motor for Madd Matt (the road racing Matador). One popped up on craigslist about 2 hrs from me. It was still attached to a 1971 Javelin SST. The car had damage to both quarter panels and had the passenger fender, door and the hood replaced (all that sheet metal was in good shape). I debated for a while and finally decided I should go get it. Came with an Edelbrock Performer manifold, new in the box. Here’s a pic of the car. Plan is to pull the motor and just set it in the Matador for now. When time/money frees up I’ll get the 401 rebuilt.

The shell I’ll keep for spares. If anyone reading this knows the full history of the race Javelin they might realize I should probably be stockpiling some spares! If not, go back and read some of the old posts. When you find it, you’ll know.

Oh, btw, if anyone is REALLY interested in buying this (including the motor), let me know. This is a Z code 1971 car and I believe the motor is original. Motor has a z-code tag on the valve cover as well. I’m not a numbers matching, car show kind of guy. But if this is super rare and must be saved, speak now… Otherwise, 401 goes in the Matador and the shell hangs out as a parts car. This is ALSO my first ’71 (or ’72) Javelin. Even though I’ve had 4 Javelin’s before this one they have all been ’73 or ’74 cars. Here are a couple of pics:

1971 Javelin SST 401 side

1971 Javelin SST 401 side

1971 Javelin SST 401

1971 Javelin SST 401 rear

1971 Javelin SST-parts car, 1974 Matador-road race, Drive Train


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