my first video…

so I put together a little video blog entry on the dash/gauge cluster I modified for the Javelin.  I’m planning to do a few track days this year and bought a GoPro HD camera to do some in-car video with.  I also got a new point and shoot camera that does HD video so I thought I’d start getting familiar with using it and doing a little video editing.  I was also inspired by Kevin, Kelle and the rest of the crew at  I enjoy watching their project update videos and thought I’d try to make a few of my own.  hopefully it’s not too painful to watch…

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1 thought on “my first video…”

  1. Nice overview, thanks! I think there’s probably a lot of interest in creating custom dash panels, as you have done. From this distance, the front of the dash looks great! I can’t see the cracks you refer to. Where did you find the Duramix epoxy? What was the texture you referred to? Something like wrinkle paint? How did you graft in the wiper control?

    Thanks and keep up the updates!