New wheels/tires and… the doors work!

So, after the skid pad outing in March (where I put a big hole in one of the Kumho Victoracer track tires) I realized I should probably get a set of street tires. I was especially concerned about driving the 800+ miles to Pomona and back on these tires. So, after a LOT of thinking about what I should do I decided to keep costs down and buy steel wheels for the street. They’re heavier but, for the street I don’t think it matters. So, I ordered some black Cragar D-Window wheels from Summit racing. I ordered 17×9 with 5″ back space for the rear and 17×8 with 4 1/2″ back space for the front. For some bizarre reason the 17x8s were back ordered. Initially it was just a couple of weeks but when the date they were supposed to be available came around the expected arrival date would jump forward another few weeks. I finally realized I wasn’t going to get them in time for the Pomono drive. So a week before the show I was scrambling for plan B. After a lot of measuring I realized I could fit the 17x9x on the front too. So I bought another two of the 17x9s and cancelled the order for the 17×8. However, the 17x9s didn’t show up in time for the show either. So, I drove the whole trip on the Kumhos. Anyway, when I got back I finally got the tires (nitto 555, 275/40 17 and 255/40 17) mounted. I also got black lug nuts. And I used 1/4″ yellow pinstripe tape to cover up the thin red/blue stripe the Cragars come with. I’m really happy with this new setup.

And in other news I finally broke down and brought the car to a body shop to get the doors properly hung. Cost a bit of money but man was it worth it. I’ve got new hinges that work and hold the door open AND the body lines, while not perfect, are a thousand times better than they’ve ever been!

1973 Javelin-street, Body and Paint, Wheels and Tires

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