Nose job…

I’ve decided to do a bit of cosmetic work on the nose.   When the car was painted yellow years ago, EVERYTHING was painted yellow.  That includes everything on the front side of the radiator support.  I’ve since learned that even if you want your engine compartment to be body color you should paint the forward side of the rad support and headlight buckets, etc. black.  If you paint them body color then you’ll see that color through the grille.  It just looks better to have all that blacked out.  So I’m blacking out the nose (including the horns which were painted yellow also).  While I have everything apart I’ve decided to finally paint and install the fiberglass bumper I bought.  I haven’t painted it yet but I test fit it to see how it looked.  I’d like to try to get it tighter to the fender “pocket” (see pic).  The final piece of this nose job is a surprise.  I’ll post pics once it’s done.

1973 Javelin-street, Body and Paint


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