Now the fun begins… NASA American Iron Javelin Update.

FINALLY!!!! I finally got to pick up the car today! I wanted to get it a couple of weeks ago but we got delayed by more than one parts snafu… 3-link is done, seat mounted, steering column mount is done and pedals are hung. and, of course, the cage is done. now the only thing left is EVERYTHING 🙂 The car is back at my friends shop for a couple of weeks. He’s a modified dirt racer and has been building race cars for years. so he’ll be able to help me formulate the plan to get the car done. after we get a good game plan together and make some part selections I’ll bring the car to my humble garage to finish. first priority is going to be to get the car cleaned up to where I can get the engine bay, interior/cage, trunk and bottom of the car painted. exterior paint will come later. Here are some pics.

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron


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