On the ground!

well, it’s been almost two years but the car is back on the ground.  I sent the hub with the sheared wheel stud back to Ken McIntire and he was able to get the old stud out and put in a new one.  So I put the corner back together and slapped the wheels back on and got it off the jack stands.  I took it down the block and back and the clutch pedal feels great.  The brakes however really need to be bled more.  I hate bleeding these brakes.  There are TWO bleed screws per front caliper so that’s six bleeders to deal with and I never have any help.  I’ve tried a vacuum gun but never had much luck with it…  so, next items are, get the brakes bled, get the dash assembled, finish dynamating the interior and some other odds and ends.  the big deal though is that the car is driveable again except for the low brake pedal…

1973 javelin on the ground after 2 years on jack stands

1973 Javelin-street, Misc, Suspension

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