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AMC door sill scuff plates Javelin, AMX, American, Ambassador, Classic

I wanted to make my 1973 Javelin a little more modern so I had the stamped aluminum scuff plates reproduced in black plastic.  I had them make me a few extra pairs.  My friend is running them in his 1969 AMX and they look great.  They will fit the following AMC vehicles:

1968 – 1974 AMX and Javelin

1964 – 1969 American (2 door)

1963 – 1964 Ambassador (2 door) and Classic (2 door)

Price is $77.95 + $12.95 (for shipping)  for a pair of scuff plates and a 22 piece screw kit (black) to match.  Sorry, SOLD OUT.  Sold 3 pairs on ebay (including one pair to a guy in Canada and 3 pairs through this website.  Everyone who bought on ebay gave me good feedback and said they were happy with them.

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16 thoughts on “For Sale”

  1. is this updated? do you still have a set of these scuff plates for sale? how thick are they?

  2. will these scuff plates work with a 1965 rambler ambassador 2 door convertible? If not, could you give me the contact information of the person who made them for you?

  3. hey Craig, as far as I know they only fit the models/years I have listed above. Bell Plastics in Hayward, CA made them for me. It’s expensive to have a part like this reproduced and you have to have a good original to make the mold from (and the original will be destroyed when making the mold).

  4. hey Dave,
    yep, I have one last pair left. I am out of the screws though. if you want the last pair and don’t mind getting the screws yourself you can take $3.00 off the price. screws are #8 x 3/4″ black pan heads.

  5. Did you sell your last pair of scuff plates? Please contact me via my email and I can paypal you.


  6. Hi Chris,
    yes, sorry, no more scuff plates… you can still get the metal ones from the various AMC parts vendors.

  7. Would you be willing to tell me who made these scuff plates so I can see about getting some more made?

  8. Hi there—-

    I saw pics of this car a few years ago and tried to find it—–

    what a great car—-

    I would be interested in the brakes—-and maybe the wheels….

    I talked to a sponsor that was on the car—-an auto parts guy I think—-and they told me the story about the guy who died—

    it looked to be well built.

  9. Hi, great car!
    do you have a pair of door sill scuff plates?
    how much is the cost?