I’ve got two days of open track coming up and I was still on lock down at work so I decided to take the car to a shop for some much needed track prep. I brought the car to Art and A&A Auto in Petaluma. Art’s a modified racer and has his own repair shop. I dropped the car off last Thursday, gave him a punch list and bailed back to work. Art is the man! I got the car back today and it should be in good shape for this weekend. Here’s what he did:

– change the oil to 20 / 50 and put in 6 quarts
– adjust the carb
– replace the exhaust gaskets (the poorly adjusted carb caused a lot of back firing at infineon which blew out the gaskets)
– nut and bolt the whole car
– top off the rear end fluid (it’s been losing fluid through the breather)

Hopefully the car will continue to perform well at Thunderhill this weekend. Looking forward to it!

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