American Iron Javelin – “cage ready”!

ok, not quite but it’s very close. I just need to hang the doors back on, pop out the rear glass and bolt some wheels back on so it will roll. Unfortunately I broke the upper drivers side corner off the windshield when I was removing it… I’ll either need to find a replacement or… Continue Reading American Iron Javelin – “cage ready”!

Track Attack! – Javelin takes on Buttonwillow

This past weekend was AWESOME!!! Drove the Javelin down to Buttonwillow and beat on it for back to back track days. I’ve had the car since 1992 and drag raced it a couple of times but this is the first time ever the cars been on a road course. The car was great. Honestly I… Continue Reading Track Attack! – Javelin takes on Buttonwillow

New wheels/tires and… the doors work!

So, after the skid pad outing in March (where I put a big hole in one of the Kumho Victoracer track tires) I realized I should probably get a set of street tires. I was especially concerned about driving the 800+ miles to Pomona and back on these tires. So, after a LOT of thinking… Continue Reading New wheels/tires and… the doors work!

New Project Begins!

I’ve had a 1974 Javelin shell for about 7 years.  Finally decided what I’m going to do with it.  I’m going to build it for NASA’s American Iron class.  Here’s a timelapse of day 2 of the disassembly.  The car is 100% gutted now.  Next step is to strip all the insulation and body sealer… Continue Reading New Project Begins!

Socal AMX Pomona thrash!!!

I went to the Socal AMX club’s AMC car show last year and vowed to come back with my Javelin.  We’ll I leave in the morning and BOY it’s been an epic thrash.  Here are some of the highlights/lowlights… The interior if fully dynamated and the carpeting, seats and dash is mostly all back together… Continue Reading Socal AMX Pomona thrash!!!