battery in trunk…

ok, I made some more progress with my re-wire project this past weekend. as I posted previously, the battery is going in the trunk. the battery tray is being secured with a 3/8″ bolt in each corner. next up was where to route the pos battery cable; inside the car or under the car? I… Continue Reading battery in trunk…

let there be rock! eventually…

continuing progress on the re-wire project…. before I finish routing all the wires and terminating all the ends I needed to make sure I know exactly what all the wires I’ll need are. part of that equation was figuring out the audio system. I’m going to run an amp (which I’ve never done before). no… Continue Reading let there be rock! eventually…

turn signal dimmer switch

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve deleted the old-school foot dimmer switch. I thought for a while that I was just going to use a rocker switch mounted somewhere on the lower dash. I asked around for options on the lateral-g and pro-touring forums and that led me to this piece from Watson’s Streetworks. It’s a… Continue Reading turn signal dimmer switch

lost in a tangle of wires

ok, I’m getting deep into the re-wiring. I’m using a GEM Streetrods universal 18 circuit kit. I’m fairly comfortable with electronics/wiring but ripping out EVERY stock wire and starting from absolute ground zero is definitely a bit of a challenge. I’d say 75% of it’s a no brainer but there are a few head scratchers…… Continue Reading lost in a tangle of wires

Awesome Hornet drawing

I spend time over at the lateral-g forums. it’s a great place to get ideas for the kind of builds I’m interested in (pro-touring). anyway, just came across this really cool Hornet sketch. Brian of Problem Child Kustoms drew it . this guy is talented. if you need a rendering done of your project idea… Continue Reading Awesome Hornet drawing

Adventures of Clutch Box

my clutch master cylinder relocation project continued today. last weekend I built the basic “box” that will allow me to bring the master in-board a couple of inches to clear the power brake booster. next I needed to fill the hole left when I removed the stock wiring harness firewall block. I’m installing a new,… Continue Reading Adventures of Clutch Box

what’s a clutch box???

when I switched over from the T10 4-speed to the Tremec 5-speed I also changed from a mechanical clutch linkage to an hydraulic clutch. that meant I needed to mount a clutch master cylinder on the firewall. for some reason I refused to acknowledge the truth of LEVERAGE and mounted it too low. well, the… Continue Reading what’s a clutch box???