plumbing and more… NASA American Iron Javelin update

No matter how much I work on this car it always seems there is still an ocean of work to do. Plus all the one step forward, two steps back stuff. Anway, I have a 3rd member! That’s a major milestone. Of course the two steps back part is that I had to pull the rear hubs and brakes off. While I was under the car I noticed that I could see the hub bearings and that they looked dry. After thinking about it I realized that Evil Genius had just loosely assembled the rear (they told me this but I forgot since picking up the car months ago). After mentioning it to a chassis builder I know he said if you can see the bearings then the seals aren’t in. As soon as he said that I realized that I knew where the seals were. They have been in a parts box I’ve been rummaging through for months I just never thought about what they were (because I wasn’t looking for them at the time). Anyway, I pulled the hubs, greased the bearing and then installed the seals. Then I went back to the box and started realizing there where other parts that were obviously for the rear. Some o-rings, two keyed hub nut washers and two big shims? that I realized should probably have gone in BEFORE I installed the seals. Ugh… so, the seals came back out. Now I have to order new seals and then I’ll be able to button up the rear and put fluid in it.

At the other end of the car I just about finished all my oil cooler/filter/accumulator plumbing. The only thing left is to trim and put ends on the last two hoses that go to the engine. I’ll do that once the engine in back in. Another small check mark is the coolant overflow tank I installed. And finally I started mocking up the power steering bracket I got from Scott W (thanks again Scott!). I had to grind on the back of it a little to clear the Edelbrock valve covers I’m using. Unfortunately, the free power steering pump I got from another friend won’t work. I’m not sure what it’s for (it’s tear drop shaped like a saginaw) but it will not work with this bracket. A reman’d pump from the auto parts store is about $40 so not too bad. I’ll order one tomorrow. That’s it for now. I’ll be back with the car on Tuesday. This has to end soon. I want to go racing!

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Drive Train

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