ready for paint… NASA American Iron Javelin update

A week later than planned but the car is finally ready for paint. By paint I mean just the interior; engine bay, interior and roll cage and trunk. I managed to enlist the help of Jim, a fabricator, to do most of the welding. I never would have gotten everything done without him! Here’s what got done. Welded nuts on the radiator support for the hood pins, welded lower radiator support brackets and fab’d an upper radiator bracket, sealed all the holes in the firewall, riveted the aluminum trunk block off panel I made, welded patches to close off the gaps around the fuel cell, welded the window net tabs on and welded the tabs for the wink mirror on and did a lot of scraping to get the sound deadener stuff out of the interior. Hope to finally bring the car to the painter next week. Taking it to Miracle paint in Napa, CA.

In other news I’m trying to finalize the transmission decision. I’ve narrowed it down to either a TKO 600 RR or an A5 (beefed up T5) from Astro Performance. The A5 is about 25 lbs lighter than the TKO and also smaller than the TKO.

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron

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