Shop Talk – Gremlin Bench Seat!

A good shop needs good seating. A place for buddies to take a load off or for you to just sit and ponder your projects. My shop is pretty weak in this department. I have one CHEAP Ikea stool and… that’s it. Before I moved in I had thought I would snag a free couch off craigslist. But once I got all my stuff moved into the shop I realized it really wasn’t big enough to put a couch somewhere. So I gave up on that idea…

I had pulled the Gremlin bench seat out of the track gremlin and didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I knew I was never going to put it back in a Gremlin but I didn’t want to just take it to the dump. Then it hit me. Slap some legs on it and make it a SHOP SEAT!

So that’s what I did. Picked up a 10 ft. stick of 1×2, some angle iron and four casters from Harbor Freight. Maybe an hour of time to cut and weld and voila! An AMC shop seat that rolls! Can you tell I’m quite pleased with myself?

Here are a couple of pics:

Gremlin Bench Seat - Detail

Gremlin Bench Seat

Shop Talk

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